Ars Longa

Ars Longa est une structure de production, de diffusion, de médiation de toute forme d’art au croisement de l’Art, la Recherche et la Société, aussi bien dans l'espace public que privé. Elle privilégie les démarches innovantes et s’attache à l’appropriation pédagogique ou citoyenne des projets.

New Factory

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The New Factory is a place for production, sharing and reflection. It consists in a pool of digital machines located in the heart of the city. Empirical prospective tool intended to prepare and accompany a reorganisation of the industrial world induced by the unification of the digital channel, the New Factory stands from traditional FabLab by its activity of commercial research on new economic models and by its ability to imagine  and implement new scenarios of use specific to the digital paradigm.
The centre of gravity being currently shifting from the use of the machines to the uses induced by the machines, the New Factory will integrate the expertise of designers (integrated in the team, associated or invited), additionally to the competences available in regular Fablabs. Their contribution to the dynamic of the place shall take an exploratory form, within the digital laboratory, or a more commercial one, enriching the New Factory catalogue of goods and services. In line with these broad missions, instead of a diversified but poorly yield pool of machines, the New Factory will be equipped with several machines of industrial capacity, suitable to its production of goods and services. Beyond its direct partners, i.e the Municipality and the Regional Council, the New Factory will aim at developing specific relations with private and institutional stakeholders working in the field of production in a large
sense (art, design, digital technologies). Therefore, it shall develop partnerships with art and design schools, with organizations of promotion of art, design and digital technologies (In the Ile de France Region: Le CentQuatre Cultural Center, ENSCI – Paris design institute, ENSBA – Paris School of Fine Arts St Etienne, School of Fine Arts Valenciennes, Fing – Foundation for anticipating digital transformations, IRI – Institute of research and Innovation…).
Incubator for technological and social innovation, the New Factory will also offer a space for reflection on new practices of production and consumption at the digital age, whose diffusion will be ensured through conferences, exhibitions and publications.It will have also aim at promoting its specificity in the international FabLab movement by organising exchanges with other FabLabs.