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Ars Longa est une structure de production, de diffusion, de médiation de toute forme d’art au croisement de l’Art, la Recherche et la Société, aussi bien dans l'espace public que privé. Elle privilégie les démarches innovantes et s’attache à l’appropriation pédagogique ou citoyenne des projets.


Programme Culture 2012-2014

Conferences, Workshops, Exhibitions

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The Techno-Ecologies project aims to re-approach social and ecological sustainability through artistic research and cultural innovation.
Following the guiding idea that sustainable future scenarios can only come true, if we become more open and susceptible to new ideas and new cooperations, the overall goal of Techno-Ecologies project is two-fold. The first is – in response to current climate and economical crises – to develop a perspective that seriously takes into account our connectedness to our environment (material, natural, technological) and our dependence on the resources available in that environment (material, energetic, biological, cultural), as we think that mastering these conditions are vital for our survival on this planet. Diversity, social and ecological sustainability, and a much deeper understanding of technology as an extension of our desires are the building blocks that we want to bring together to build this perspective. The second intent is to explore how by using this perspective in practice we can re-approach urgent social, ecological and cultural sustainability issues – the project will gather artists, theorists, designers, environmental scientists, technologists, responsible entrepreneurs and activists, who will collaborate on developing viable alternatives, creative strategies and innovative models, that can help us chart less hazardous routes into the future than the ones currently travelled.
Techno-Ecologies project will be stretching out from June 2012 – May 2014 consisting of four main activities: 1) Research and Production Workshop Series – for developing theoretical framework and facilitating practical implementation of collaborative research projects; 2) Public Labs – for communicating idea (developed perspective) and workshop results to the wider public (from different generations); 3) RENEW! Conference and Exhibition – for facilitating larger gathering of project participants and public presentations of the project activities; and 4) Publicity Activity – for evaluating and disseminating progress and results for wider audiences.
The project is designed and implemented by cultural organizations RIXC (Latvia), Baltan Laboratories (The Netherlands), Napon (Serbia), Ars Longa (France) and/or Finnish BioArt Association (Finland) together with their institutational partners Culture Lab of Newcastle University, Finnish Arts Academy, Nida Art Colony of Lithuanian Arts Academy, MPLab (Art Research Lab) of Liepaja University, and in collaboration with their associated partners Eindhoven Arts Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad, Pixelache Festival Network and others.